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Supercharge your company’s sales performance with our incredible 
smrtPhone 4-Line auto-dialer. The best Podio phone system just got better.

Some of smrtDialer’s amazing features

With our powerful smrtDialer, you can configure up to four lines per agent, meaning  less dial time and more selling time.

With smrtDialer you can create as many different intake forms (Podio webforms) as you want and assign them to individual campaigns. That means your agents will know the script and have direct input available to update your leads based on their calls.

smrtDialer is built on top of our amazing smrtPhone system, which means all calls are logged in Podio against your leads, and you have complete control over your recording settings.

smrtDialer has a sophisticated Do Not Call (DNC) algorithm that ensures that once a lead has been marked as DNC in your system, none of your agents can dial them again.

smrtDialer comes with a customizable call finalization feature, which means you can use the power of Podio/GlobiFlow to automate further actions based on the results of your calls. The opportunities for automation are endless!

When your agents are in a call session, the system automatically drops the call back messages and voicemail messages that you specify in your campaigns, making sure you never waste a prospect touch point.

smrtDialer makes it easy to assess your agent’s campaign activity and productivity, and you can easily filter your communications log in Podio to get advanced reporting data.

Unlike some of our competitors, we like to make things simple for you. Our smrtDialer pricing is a simple monthly user charge. no complicated math to worry about!

smrtDialer Pricing 

1x Line Dialer

  • Single Line Dialer
  • Unlimited Leads
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Voicemail & Call Back drops
  • Campaign Stats

4x Line Dialer

  • Up to 4 Line Dialer
  • Unlimited Leads
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Voicemail & Call Back drops
  • Campaign Stats

To get started with smrtDialer today simply login to smrtPhone and click on the smrtDialer tab to select your plan and configure your users!