smrtDialer was launched over a year ago and for the last couple of months we’ve been reaching out to several clients for information on how they’re using smrtDialer to better their business. With their feedback, we’ve created smrtDialer 2.0 that we’re now rolling out. 

*You may have already seen the first bits of this on the user workspace. I did a post about the new UI which should already be in your smrtDialer as we speak.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be rolling out a few key functionalities for smrtDialer 2.0. Let’s dive into a few of them today. 

Feature #1: Lead Sources

When you start using smrtDialer, you’ll be installing three apps: a campaigns app, a smrt leads app, and a web form app.  

With our new system, we no longer require you to use our smrt leads app to get leads into the system. That means that when you’re setting up a campaign in smrtDialer 2.0, you can actually reach into your own Podio system, find the app you want, and then adjust the data set you want from that app based on a category field option.

*You may have to upgrade your app slightly to ensure we have the right datasets available, but that opens up a huge amount of possibilities.

Capture More Leads With Better Flexibility 

With the new lead source apps, you can dynamically reach out across different campaigns into different apps. It gives you the flexibility of working within the data you’ve already captured. 

For example, if you have a large sales list and you want to quality them as prospects but not seller leads just yet or maybe you want to qualify them as seller leads, you have the option of doing both. 

We recently spoke with one of our clients and they’re going to use the new system to reach out to all of the deals that still haven’t been signed within the past 3 weeks by using the specific app containing that specific data. The ability to pick whichever app and datasets you need in your organization is an enormous benefit we’re looking forward to in smrtDialer 2.0. 

Feature #2: Dynamic Lead Insertion  

The next feature we’ll dive into is the dynamic lead insertion. Right now when using smrtDialer, you have to refresh the campaigns all the time. For companies that need to drop a lead into a campaign and then move it into another when it meets a certain qualification level, smrtDialer 1.0 probably wasn’t meeting your needs in an automated way. With smrtDialer 2.0, that will change. 

With dynamic lead insertion, when a new lead comes into an app or a campaign has been set up to meet the criteria of a lead coming in, the lead will automatically be pushed into the dialer. And of course, if you need to change the criteria of the campaign so it meets another campaign, it will drop out of the first and and move into the other one dynamically. 

Automate Where Your Leads Go in smrtDialer 2.0 

Here’s an example of how this works… 

You have an outside sales team that is going through a large probate list nearly 24/7. You’re using this team to go as rapidly as they can through a large list of data knowing they’re not going to get answers from a lot of the prospects, but hoping to get connected with a few they can push to the inside sales team. 

With smrtDialer 2.0, we can fill out the campaigns for the outside sales team so they can dial as many leads as possible on a four line dialer running through a large list. When the team selects criteria that says this lead is a good enough qualification to move to the insides sales team, that lead will automatically drop out, move over to another campaign and upload to the inside sales team’s dialer campaigns. 

This feature means that people can cycle through many more leads in an efficient way. 

Feature #3: App Field Sync

Thirdly, we want to highlight the app field syncing feature. In my post highlighting the new UI, you’ll learn there’s a quadrant of information that displays more data from the app that you’ve selected. 

Currently, that data all goes through the smrt leads app, but as we upload the new functionality for being able to pick your own app, it opens up all new fields that you may even want the people on your calls to see. 

More Field Options for Your Call Agents

In smrtDialer 2.0, you’re not only going to be able to select the app you want, but also the certain fields within those apps to display to the agents when they’re all on a call and select whether you want them editable or not. This of course can have an impact on those in the dialer window and then push them straight into podio. 

This feature presents a great opportunity to be able to give them the ability to update things like vacancy or reasons for selling or potentially qualification status. This allows the lead to drop out of their bucket and into someone else’s. 

Feature #4: Events Structure and Corresponding Web Hook 

The final feature we’re going to talk about is the follow-up events structure and corresponding web hook. 

There have probably been several times on a call when the lead say’s now isn’t a great time to talk, so you want to be able to follow-up with them in these situations. In smrtDialer 2.0, there will be an event hook scenario inside the dialer that allows you quickly schedule a follow-up call for a later date and time. The call with go inside your own smart phone so it gives you a reminder to call. 

Choose Where Your Follow-Up Reminders Go

We’re also adding a feature where you can push these hooks inside of Podio or anywhere else (i.e. Gmail, Google Calendar, etc.). And you can catch it with Globiflow where it creates a task or follow-up inside of your Podio system. 

This feature allows you to use the dialer to rapidly go through lists and then use the event follow-up scenario to quickly click and create an event for when to follow up with the lead inside the place you manage your calendar. Another opportunity here is the ability to action all the leads who aren’t able to speak with you right there and then. 

Have Feedback? We’d Love to Hear From You 

All of this of course will go inside of the brand new UI. If you haven’t had a chance to look, check out the post I wrote or if you are a smrtDialer user, log in and give it a read. 

The UI will be upgraded as we add these new features, but we think by putting everything onto one screen without the need for pop ups and being able to see the communication history will make it easier for your agents to see the numbers and the flow of what’s happening.

We’re really excited about smrtDialer 2.0 and can’t wait to get it into your hands. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be launching features and letting you know what’s available for use.  

As always, we’d love to receive feedback from you on smrtDialer and smrtDialer 2.0. Reach out on the smrtPhone users workspace if you have ideas or things you want smrtDialer or smrtPhone to do, and we will continue to add to our development cycle. We really do base all of our development based on your feedback, so let us know what you’d like to see. 

Happy phoning!