4 Major Features Added in September 2021

This month, we made some big leaps in creating a better experience for your users and your customers. From new security and compliance tools to empowering better automations, these updates will have a big impact on your business.

September updates and upgrades include:

1️⃣ smrtPhone Trust Center

As the legal and regulatory environment shifts around phone calls and text messages, we are keeping smrtPhone clients on the leading edge. Accessible to all Account Owners, the smrtPhone Trust Center is your hub for verifying your business identity and gaining access to products and services that will improve delivery and response rates.  Read more about the Trust Center >> 

2️⃣ New SMS API Tokens

We’ve added two new tokens to our SMS API to fuel greater automations and reporting within Podio. The two new tokens give you more triggers to work with and greater tracking capability. The 5 SMS API tokens you can work with are:

  • < from= > the smrtPhone number that’s sending the text
  • < to= > the recipient phone number
  • < message= > the content of the text
  • < podioItemId= > the record from which the text was sent – for greater granularity, better tracking, and enhanced automations. 🆕
  • < podioUserId= > the user who sent the text – to link the outbound text to their smrtPhone inbox. 🆕

3️⃣ Number Pools for smrtDialer

You can now assign multiple Caller IDs to a single smrtDialer campaign and automatically rotate through them to keep things fresh and avoid “wearing out” a phone number.

Once the pool is set, smrtDialer will automatically rotate through the Caller IDs in a round-robin-like fashion. When it’s time to dial again, smrtDialer will use the number with the fewest calls on it in that session for the next outbound call, making sure there are associated call logs for each and every caller ID.  Read more about using number pools in smrtDialer >>

smrtDialer caller ID pool


4️⃣Relocated Add Funds button

While this isn’t really a major update to functionality it is a major update to the User Interface (UI) that makes it easier for you to ensure uninterrupted smrtPhone service by keeping a positive credit balance. The Add Funds button is now in the upper right navigation, next to your outstanding balance. Click on this green button to manually add credit to your account or enable/modify Auto Top-Up.  Remember, with smrtPhone you prepay for your usage so you never get hit with a surprise bill.