Check out what Jacob Michal, CEO of Louisville Cash Real Estate, has to say about smrtPhone! He loves how easy it is to integrate with Podio, and how affordable it is for a growing team.




“If you’re looking for a phone dialer, I would definitely recommend smrtPhone, especially if you use Podio because the system connects directly with Podio. It’s super convenient to use and to integrate within your Podio system to do follow up messages with your clients via automated SMS campaigns. It integrates so easily!”

smrtPhone also has great pricing options for you and your team. Their customer service is pretty good as well: they always get back to us on time, so I would definitely recommend smrtPhone!

It’s been a game changer for our business and for agents on our team. The platform is super easy and user friendly which is a huge thing for us whenever we are looking for a dialer. You can replace your cold calling system that you’re currently using and bring it all in system with smrtPhone.”

Check out our documentation to find out just how easy it is to set up smrtPhone with Podio, and head here to start your Free Trial today!

Jacob is a serial entrepreneur who specializes in real estate. He is the CEO of Louisville Cash Real Estate based out of Louisville, Kentucky. Jacob has a strong passion for rehabbing properties and specializes in affordable housing in lower income areas. Louisville Cash Real Estate has done over 70 transactions in the last year and raised over 4 million dollars from private investors and hard money lenders. His strongest passion lies in helping others succeed and reach their goals.