To close out Q1, we have three major updates we’re launching that we are very excited about. So let’s dive in! 

New Look, Easier Interface, SMS Thread 

The first upgrade we’re going to talk about is the upgraded inbox in the smrtPhone platform. It’s a completely new inbox experience featuring an easy to manage interface. It will make it easier for your staff and even VAs to use who may not be involved in Podio to manage the SMS’s and voicemails. 

Another plus to the upgraded inbox is a better user experience. We’ve done a lot to the backend to redevelop the old inbox look. Now, when you look at the new inbox, you can see one key difference which is a threaded conversation with your SMS texts. They are no longer line items, but instead they look like what they would in your mobile phone. 

You’ll be able to see and interact with text messages on a back and forth basis. It’s a true conversation that’s a real game changer for our web app. 

The same is true for voicemail. It’s a lot easier to manage them and see what’s going on. Now by itself it’s a fantastic upgrade, but I’m really excited for what this means for our mobile apps which is what I’m about to talk to you about in update number two and three.

Introducing iOS App 2.0

We’ve received fantastic feedback from our client base on the iOS app and implemented some of the things you want to see. 

The first update we made is redesigning the user interface to make it easier for you to find your way around the app. At the bottom of the app you’ll see four icons, recent calls, dialer inbox and settings course. Recent calls and settings are pretty much self explanatory, but the dialer and inbox have had a big upgrade. 

First of all, the dialer is going to be easier to understand whether you’re searching your existing contacts, like in Podio, or where you’re just using the dialer to manually input a number. It’s going to be a lot easier to figure out how to simply make a phone call. 

The second big update is the inbox. Like we mentioned before, the threaded conversation is coming to our iOS app and this is huge. It means full inbound and outbound SMS texting with your customers. It also means it’s going to be very easy for anyone to take their iOS app on the road with them and have text message conversations, see messages that come in and send them back because you see them as a full conversation. 

Finally, there’s the voicemail. We’re bringing that into the iOS app as well and that means that wherever you are when you’re on the road, you can simply use your smartphone iOS app to listen to any of the new voicemails you’ve had and clear them off to know that you’ve listened to them. It’s going to be a fantastic upgrade to what’s already a great mobile app experience. 

Android App Coming Soon 

The third major update is the Android App, something we know a lot of you have been excited for. We’re going to be bringing out the live beta of the Android app this quarter in the coming weeks. We say live beta because of course with the new platform there are different things we’ve got to think about, but we’re very confident that the work we’ve done on the iOS app is going to translate to Android and make for a much more seamless transition from beta to full app. 

The great thing about waiting this long for the Android app means you benefit from everything we’ve learned from the iOS app. That means that we’re brewing the same functionality in the version 2.0 of the iOS app to the Android app, including the full inbox, redesigned user interface, and of course the voicemails.

It’s something that people are really looking forward to and we can’t wait to get it into everybody’s hands. We really do want your feedback on this, so if you’re using the app, please do send us feedback. Let us know if something’s not working the way you want it to so that we can quickly get our developers on it and get the app into full live status, but everyone’s going to be able to have access to the public beta this quarter. 

Let Us Know How You’re Liking smrtPhone

So there you have it. Three fantastic upgrades to the smrtPhone system to close out Q1. Everybody here at smrtPhone is incredibly excited and will continue working to develop new improvements in the coming months. Please reach out to us on the smrtPhone user workspace and let us know what type of functionality you want to have in smrtPhone. 

It’s your opportunity to build the phone system of your dreams. Finally, I’d really love it if you guys can head over to our Facebook group and give us a like, a share and a rating. It really helps to increase our exposure, and the more people who get involved in smrtPhone, the more we can develop it and build the best phone system out there on the planet. As always, happy phoning and thanks for being a customer.