How to use GlobiFlow to link your calls to different apps in your system

We often get asked about how to integrate smrtPhone with Podio, so we wanted to give you some tips and tricks to make the process easier for you. Watch the video below to get the full walk through of creating some flows to work between smrtPhone and Podio.

GlobiFlow allows you to do a multitude of things and you can make them as simple or complex dependent on your needs. We’re specifically going to show you how to link the installed smrtPhone app to your employee’s phone numbers app and the campaigns app.

To begin, update your communications app with some relationship fields. (i.e. a forward relationship link to a phone number) We’ve put a forward relationship link to an employee’s app and one to the campaigns app.

The goal of course is to be able to connect the phone number that is logged with the correct agent and campaign.

Step One: Make Sure you Have the Phone Numbers App

Within the app, you want to have a single text field where you put the number (with no additional characters).

Further down the page, you will see two single line text fields: Item ID and URL. These are considered hidden fields. We are going to use a globiflow to run a simple automation that when something is created in the phone numbers app, it will update these two fields. *We recommend doing this because they are really good fields to use in both calculation fields so you can easily link to another item.

Step Two: Create a Forward Relationship to an Employee’s App

This step is to say who’s phone number goes with what employee.

There are situations where you have one phone number that many people are linked to and we can always get around that, but this is a simple example that anyone can follow.

Step 3: Connect the Campaign App

If you’re in real estate, you probably have some version of a campaign app or lead source app. If you don’t, we highly recommend looking into it because it will capture every lead coming into your system whether by phone or web.

You can assign and track the entire lead history within the app and get metrics on everything including how long things are taking, average amounts, etc.

The key step is making sure you have a forward relationship to a tracking number in the campaign app. This is a one to one relationship because we want the campaign associated with one tracking number, so we know whenever a lead is created from this phone number, its associated with this campaign.

The outcome we want is whenever a phone call is logged, it looks and finds the right phone number, uses that phone number to find the employee and the campaign.

Step 4: Create a Flow Within the Communications App

Find the block that says “Actions” and then “Search for Items in Another App.” Here is where you will tell it to Find Items in App: [Insert Podio] where [Phone Number] is equal to [smrtPhone Number].

Next, scroll down to “Update This Communication” and say [Phone Number] is equal to the smrtPhone number used above.

Step 5: Create a Flow to Connect to the Campaigns App

We want to create a flow that shows where the campaign is referencing us, not where we are referencing the campaign.

To do this, we’ll create a very simple flow that will grab the phone number, go to the campaigns app and say- tell me which one of you reaches out to my phone numbers and we will drop that in.

Step 6: Create a Flow to Connect to the Employee’s App

When the phone number is updated in the communications app, we want the globliflow to reference that. (See screenshot below for exact field settings).

Globiflow flows are extremely useful and can be as simple or as complex as you want. There are also a multitude of ways to do the steps we did above, but we kept it simple for anyone to be able to apply this to their business.

We will be releasing more videos in the future to answer questions we’ve received from you all to help make your smrtPhone experience even better.