smrtPhone for Podio is the first product from smrtStudio, a company formed as a collaboration between two well know Podio partners – Gamechangers and In the spirit of Podio, the two companies saw the power that collaboration could have, and they have teamed up to design and develop business productivity products that can help every business (no matter what size).

We’re small, ambitious, dedicated and have a lot of fun working together. We’re also laser focussed on our user happiness, and we work hard to make sure we deliver a great experience to everyone we work with.

(We can also be bought by beer, so if you have any feature requests you want to have pushed up the list….)

Our People

The amazing smrtPhone team is made up of people from both Gamechangers and

Jordan Fleming
Founding Director
Jordan started out life as a degenerate musician and, for his sins, ended up as a respectable businessman. He's still slightly confused, but a far happier man. Jordan brings a creative flair and an uncanny ability to spot new opportunities - which makes him a good candidate to invite out for lunch.
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Vlad Pustiu
Founding Director
Vlad is part massive coding geek, part super dad, and part brazilian jiu-jitsu fanatic. When his kids are asleep he can be found either reading obscure bits of API codes or watching endless jiu-jitsu videos to critique their performance. He's the technical heart behind smrtPhone, and usually astonishes the team by making the impossible look really pretty easy.
Alexandru Parge
Founding Director
Alex is key partner in and and has a passion for numbers and making things work in Podio. He's helped to drive the creation of the smrtStudio organisation. A self-professed numbers geek, he's happiest when sitting in front of a big performance dashboard that shows all green.