It’s a big day here at smrtPhone, as a lot of hard work by our amazing development team pays off with the official live launch of smrtDialer, our supercharged 4-line auto-dialer for smrtPhone.

Now if you’re in sales, you know the amount of calls your team can make is critical to your success. With our auto-dialer your team can make 4X the calls, guaranteeing more talk time, and less down time.

To get more information on smrtPhone, check out our new page: smrtDialer

To set smrtDialer up:

Step 1 – click on the smrtDialer menu button

Step 2 sign up! Chose your pan and how many users you need (people who will be actively making calls using the dialer)

It’s that simple! To see how much some of our current clients love smrtDialer, check out this awesome video we made while in California:

Happy phoning!

Jordan, Alex, Vlad and the smrtPhone team!