🚀Just launched: A major update to the smrtPhone Mobile App for iOS and Android.

The smrtPhone mobile app brings the power of smrtPhone with you, anywhere you go. Most CRM Mobile Apps (including Podio) are just not that great. It’s too much complexity to jam into a user friendly interface. But when you’re on the go, you only really need a few simple things that power your business seamlessly – you need access to your contact records, a quick history of your contact communications to stay up to date, and the ability to be reached whenever your contacts need you. That’s why the smrtPhone mobile app is such a powerful driver of your business. You have all the tools you need in an easy-to-manage interface, with streamlined inbound and outbound communications that keeps you accessible, relevant, and on point.

We work continuously to improve your smrtPhone mobile experience – beyond bug fixes, we’re constantly thinking about how to improve the user experience, add functionality, and make life easier for you. The more productive you are, the more successful you can be. And your success is our success.

The latest mobile app update brings us closer to a unified experience across all smrtPhone dialers (Web app, Chrome Extension, and Mobile.) It also adds new functionality and creates an interactive soft phone that can help you connect better and close more deals.

📲 Highlights from the latest release include:

  • Complete redesign of the Recent Calls, Inbox and Contact Info screens for a cleaner look.
  • Voicemail interface update – tap on an item for more options (call, message, create contact.)
  • Text screen redesign, added option to copy a message from the chat screen.
  • Text screen actions available by tapping on the user profile (create contact, call, view in Podio CRM, mark as unread, delete conversation.)
  • Images can now be shared in a variety of ways.
  • Small design changes and multiple UI/UX improvements for a better user experience across the app.
  • Coding refinements for better and more stable app performance.

📲 Get a better mobile user experience with visual refinement and functionality upgrades including redesign of Recent Calls, Inbox, and Contact Info.

Head to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to get the latest features today!