Key Features


Use our dashboard to instantly purchase numbers (including Toll-Free) in over 50 countries in the world.

Simple Number Management

Manage all of your numbers in one simple location. Assign numbers to users or we can help you create custom workflows to achieve specific aims.


Add your users directly from the users in your Podio organisation. Create and manage teams in order to assign group numbers.

Click to Call in Podio

Streamline your communications with our “Click-to-Call” in Podio, allowing you to dial contacts in smrtPhone directly from your Podio app.


Record your own greeting and then manage your voicemails from your own personal inbox.


Transfer calls internally between users at the click of a button.

Drag and Drop Comprehensive IVR

smrtPhone is a powerful phone system with a lot of advanced features, including a drag and drop IVR capability that will let you create a customised and complex IVR system for your company in seconds!

Call Tracking in

smrtPhone populates from your Podio CRM, which means you can see who is calling, automatically link calls and call notes to contacts and companies, and link calls to existing app relationships across your system.


You can choose to record and store calls for future reference. This has a small extra per-call fee.


You can choose to customize your Podio Call Log app (the app we install for you in your CRM) to link to anything else in your system. It means you have complete control over your system and how you track calls.

Inbound & Outbound Text Messaging

Send and receive text messages via your own personal inbox. Make it easy for people to contact you and make sure your texts are linked to the right parts of your system.

Mobile Phone Connection

Link your Mobile Phone to smrtPhone and take your system with you on the go. Calls made and received will go via your mobile phone for truly simplified phone integration.


There are two simple charges you’ll see every month: our system charge ($5 a month per user) and your usage fee. Your usage fee comes out of your pre-paid credit so you’ll never worry about overspending on phone charges again.


Never run out of credit again. Set your minimal credit level and the system will top you up again when you reach it.

Dedicated In-Podio Support

Our team are Podio enthusiasts and they will offer you support directly in Podio. We have offices in Europe and North America so can provide support across many timezones.


We’re believers in the Podio community, and we want smrtPhone to be the best product on the market. Work with us to generate the next generation of features to make sure your phone system works like you want it to!