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Transform your Employee’s Experience of the phone

Citrix Workspace is a revolutionary step forward in empowering a new employee experience of software, and our integration means their experience of the phone will change too. Direct calling and texting from inside Citrix Workspace means they can stay focused on their tasks and never leave the screen.

Connect to Workspace. And everything else

Using Citrix Workspace you can integrate smrtPhone with almost any other cloud system you are working with. Connect, sync contacts and track all of your communications. It’s simple and effective.

smrtPhone - all-in-one phone system - voice, text, power dialer, mobile phone app
smrtPhone - click to call or text from inside Citrix Podio

Your people. Your plan. Your way.

Every business is different. Our Enterprise plans give you the flexibility of choosing your call and text volumes and distributing them automatically across your network as needed. You chose the volume that suits you with no per user minimums.

What our customers love about the
Citrix Workspace integration

Call & Text from Workspace
No need to be distracted. Our integration with Citrix Workspace means your employees can make and receive calls and texts directly in the system. No extra screens needed.
Dedicated Partners
As the first cloud phone system built for Citrix Workspace, we have a network of dedicated smrtPhone Partners who can help you get the most out of smrtPhone and Workspace.
Track Your Communications
Use your Citrix Workspace connectors to log all calls and texts in your different systems. Push call recordings to the right places to make sure your relationships are tracked.
Expand Your Business
With smrtPhone you can expand your business across over 100 countries, all integrated into one seamless billing system and all linked to your Citrix Workspace ecosystem.
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smrtPhone is a flexible and scalable system that you can use at your desk or through your mobile device. You can be up and running in less than five minutes.

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smrtPhone - all-in-one cloud phone system for your CRM