With the launch of smrtPhone’s Pro Plan, we’ve released our first PRO plug-in, Gong.io. It’s revolutionizing the way our customers are capturing leads and sealing deals in their industry– one of the main reasons we decided to make it our first Pro plugin completely synced with Podio.

What is Gong.IO?

In simplicity, it’s an incredibly powerful call intelligence platform. It helps you manage and analyze all call recordings you make with smrtPhone by scoring the calls based on AI parameters you set. 

Let me explain…


Powerful AI Technology at Your Fingertips

With Gong.io, you can train the system to analyze each call, highlighting the positive and negative elements of the call, giving you the ability to evaluate buying likelihood, urgency and other key factors that go into decision making.

It’s how so many of our customers are seeing immediate results from the plug-in. Gong.io is able to catch leads your acquisition team thought were a dead end, and turn them into money-making deals for your business.

How a ‘Lost’ Lead Turned Into a Deal Within the First Month of Using Gong.IO

One of our wholesaling customers in Florida was fielding inbound calls from people wanting to sell their house while also making outbound calls to lists of people who had expressed interest in other channels. 

This team of call agents worked closely with Gong to train the system for real estate acquisitions. They taught the system what they were looking for and key analysis points to score during a call like tone of voice or word choice. 

Within the first month, this customer won a deal their acquisition team had deemed lost. Gong.io scored it as a positive call and was proven correct during the follow-up.

Start Using Gong.io With a Dedicated Account Setup Manager

As part of our relationship with Gong, all smrtPhone customers are assigned a dedicated account setup manager who can walk them through the entire integration process and help set up analysis points based on the needs of their business.  

*REI Customers: These managers are not only experts with Gong.io but also have extensive real estate knowledge and can help your REI business capture ‘hot’ motivated seller leads. 

If you’re currently a smrtPhone customer using Gong.io, reach out to me on Podio via the smrtPhone workspace and let me know how the plug-in is helping your business!

In the meantime, happy phoning! 


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