Pricing & Billing

There are two things you have to pay for:

  • Usage – This is the charge for your numbers, call usage etc.
  • smrtPhone Licenses – This is your fee for using our system ($50 per month minimum for 10 users, each additional user is $5 per month)

We operate on a pre-paid model to ensure that none of our customers ever get a bill they aren’t expecting. You can set your account to automatically top-up once it reaches a minimum level, and you have flexibility for how much you top up.

All calls are charged on a per-minute rate. The given for each country and dialling code is set and can be viewed here.

In addition, there is a charge for recording calls, so if you’ve chosen to do that, you can expect this charge to be in your call price.

Unfortunately no. We’re committed to making sure that smrtPhone is the single best phone platform on the web, and in order to do that, we need to support it with the right team. We’re confident that our pricing structure makes us more cost-effective than most of the other platforms on the market, and think positively – you may need more users when you grow your business with smrtPhone!

We’re happy to speak with you about your needs! Our system is designed to scale as large as you want to go, but for larger accounts we’ll likely need to customise your support and dedicate some resources to you, so please contact us to discuss.

Phone Functionality

As quick as clicking a button! We’ve done our best to make the number ordering process as smooth (and as quick) as possible. You simply click to add a new number, select country and number type you want and select (if you want to) the area code you’re looking for. If we can’t provide numbers in the selected area code, we’ll give you some alternatives.

Once you’ve purchased a number it’s immediately available in your account and you can create call flows to specify how you want calls to this number to be handled.

If you’d like to remove one or more numbers from your smrtPhone system, your administrators can do so with a click of a button. Please be aware that this action is not reversible, so if you do it by accident you won’t be able to necessarily get that number back!

Of course! You can buy as many numbers as you’d like and, using our powerful “drag and drop” flow creator, assign them to anybody, or group, of people. You can also set up complex I.V.R setups that give your customers options on what to select when they call your number.

Yes! smrtPhone is an incredibly powerful system that gives you full control over the setup, allowing you to quickly create the phone system that works for your company. Using our simple and intuitive “drag and drop” call flow creator you can:

  • Set opening hours
  • Add user selections (eg. “Press 1 for sales, Press 2 for support) and select what actions are triggered (eg. send to a specific group of people)
  • Add customised greetings
  • Select specific people or groups of people
  • Send to voicemail

Our smrtPhone I.V.R lets you create an incredibly complex and powerful phone system with a few clicks! If you’re having any problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our Podio support workspace.

Of Course! You have complete control over your inbox, and all voicemails are stored in our smrtPhone system waiting for you to review. You can customise your voicemail message and very simply add your own recording via our administration system.

You add your users directly from your Podio account! Please be aware that if you are connected to a lot of people, it may take a few seconds for our system to read your whole contact list. You can specify which users are administrators of smrtPhone when you sign them up.

smrtPhone is built using the Twilio platform. Twilio is simply the most advanced communication platform on the web, and is the standard that is used in many of the VOIP systems you will have seen on the internet.

Podio Integration

When a call is made (inbound or outbound) a call log is immediately created in your “Phone Calls” app that we installed in your system.

  • The number you are calling (or is calling you) as well as the smrtPhone number being used is also logged.
  • The call direction is logged (Inbound or Outbound)
  • If the phone number is logged in your CRM Contacts App, the contact will be automatically linked
  • The call duration is logged
  • If you have made any call notes they are logged
  • If you have chosen to record calls, they are logged and added to the phone call record for immediate review.

We’re passionate Podio Partners ourselves, so we understand your desire to get your clients the best available deal, but unfortunately the £50/month system fee is set as low as we can go and still provide a great service. We do have a special programme for Podio Partners, however, and we would love to work with you on it. More details are available here: https://smrtphone.io/partners/

When we create your organisation’s smrtPhone we will install a “Calls” app within your chosen CRM workspace. During the setup process you will be able to specify where your contacts are kept so we can log calls directly to your database.

Of course! But please don’t touch the fields that we’ve created as you may break your system and that would make us sad! You can add any automations or fields that you want in order to make your phone system work the way you want to. If you’re unsure of what you can or cannot touch, just contact us and we’ll guide you.

Unfortunately no. smrtPhone is built to integrate into a single organisation per account, as this is the use case for the vast majority of companies we have spoken with. If you have many organisations you’re looking to work across, please contact us to discuss your case.

If you’re a partner looking to leverage smrtPhone for your clients, head over to our Partner Page and sign up for our affiliate programme. This lets you make monthly income for every company of yours that uses smrtPhone, and gives you a phenomenal tool that you can sell to your clients.

Absolutely! We’ll be rolling smrtPhone out to other systems (SalesForce, Zapier etc) over the next 12 months, but in the meantime, we’re happy to set you up with your own little corner of Podio to upload and sync your addressbook. smrtPhone is an incredibly powerful, flexible, cost-effective, phone system with or without Podio.

(But let us tell you a bit about Podio too, it’s awesome)