Your favourite phone system for Podio just got a whole lot more powerful today, as we release comprehensive SIP infrastructure for smrtPhone.

What does that mean for you? Simple – you can now connect your smrtPhone to any existing application or hardware that is SIP enabled. That means mobile/desktop softphone applications, that means IP phone systems you have in your offices…anything that runs off SIP.

IP Phones –

IP phones can be expensive, and if you’ve already invested thousands of dollars into your phones, the last thing you want to do is ditch them (and the ease of use in having a real live phone sitting on your employees’ desks). IP phones run off of SIP, so you can now connect each of your smrtPhone users to an IP phone (wherever they are in the world) and have them up and running using your phone system.

Mobile Apps –

For companies with a lot of people on the road (salespeople or engineers in particular) it’s critically important that you connect them to your phone system so that calls are tracked. Unfortunately a lot of companies we talk to have simply accepted that when they are on the road, their cell phone calls won’t be tracked in their CRM.

With our new SIP capabilities, all of your team can be mobile and using SIP apps (we love Bria and Zoiper in particular) on their cell phones to dial and receive calls using your smrtPhone system.

That means all the awesome Podio connectivity you get from using the web-phone is available using your cell phone or your IP phone. All calls are automatically logged against the correct contacts, all data and notes are synced and all call recordings are automatically logged.

Your engineers can be fielding a call on the road and you can be sitting in the office in another country watching it be logged automatically in Podio – how cool is that?

Setting up SIP on your smrtPhone

If you’re an existing smrtPhone account administrator and you’d like to set SIP up on your smrtPhone account, simple raise a support ticket here ( or talk to us in Podio.

If you’ve not yet tried smrtPhone, please send in your details ( and we’ll get you set up in a trial account right away. smrtPhone is simply the most powerfulVoIP system on the market for Podio.

Happy Phoning!

Jordan Samuel Fleming
smrtPhone Co-Founder