9 Time Saving Features Added in August 2021

When we look at all the new features from August, a theme becomes apparent: Small Things with Big Impact. If you save a couple of clicks or a few seconds on a task you do many times in a day, it adds up to substantial free time you can devote back to your core mission. The cumulative power of these refinements is undeniable.

Here is a quick round up of the upgrades launched this past month:

Call Flows / Applet Updates

▶️ IVR Keypress Description. It’s easier to keep track of your IVR phone menus with the addition of a notes field for internal use. Using the description field, you can label each keypress to keep everything flowing smoothly.

Enter text to label IVR keypress options

▶️ DNC Applet for IVR  assists with compliance by allowing callers to opt out from calls and texts. When you add the DNC Applet to your IVR, you designate a keypress for your leads to self-select out from hearing from you. They will be added to your DNC Numbers list, which is global across your smrtPhone system.

▶️ Return to Previous Menu for complex IVRs makes it easy to nest phone menus (IVR within an IVR). Assign a keypress for callers to easily to go back one level, in case they selected the wrong option.

▶️ Copy existing Call Flow is the easiest way to create a new Call Flow that mirrors one you’ve already created. Simply click the copy button, make any needed changes and save. Then, you can rename the new flow something meaningful.

▶️ Whisper Message replaces Announce to User in the Dial Applet. Now, you can create a custom messages to be played to your user when they answer an incoming call. This helps them to be better prepared. An example use case is to say which marketing campaign the caller is responding to, based on a tracking number and call flow.

Navigating Phone Menus in Outbound Calls

▶️ Keypad in smrtDialer helps you navigate your leads’ phone menus. When you connect, but hear a lead’s IVR, use the keypad to select the right extension to complete the call.

▶️ Ability to dial keypads with keyboard. This is a time saver when navigating phone menus. Instead of having to click your mouse around to press an extension, you can use your keyboard to type the number. This works in the main dialer in the Web App and in the keypad in smrtDialer.

Change Account Owner

Account Owners have special permissions beyond Administrators – such as managing smrtPhone and smrtDialer subscriptions and updating your Podio setup.

▶️ Now, you can Change Account Owner without contacting Support from the Account Settings tab of the Admin panel. Only the current Account Owner can pass along this role to someone else.

Update account owner from the Account Settings Tab

Block Numbers from Inbox

You can mark a number as Spam from Inbox, blocking them from calling or texting you in the future. This adds the number to your Spam List (different from the DNC Numbers List, which is for outbound) and all calls and texts will be blocked unless you manually remove them from your Spam list.

Simply click in to the message from the spammer, click the Actions menu, and select 🚫 Mark as Spam.

Add to spam list from inbox